Deirdre Arthur

Master Herbalist

Reiki Master

Caerlion Arthur

Aroma Therapist

Grand Reiki Master-18

In this day of medicine, where the “alternative” is natural health support versus drugs and surgery, an understanding of the basic philosophy behind the “alternative” and who you are dealing with becomes important. The fundamental belief in the body’s ability to heal is seen virtually with all “alternative” practitioners; But the process, approach, and extent of what “healing” means is seen as a primary variable as to who’s approach is in line to your belief system and what works for you.

Unfortunately, alternative medicine is rapidly accepting the framework of traditional medicine as the diagnosis and treatment of disease, only treating with natural substances instead of drugs and surgery. Science is continually showing that the use of basic physiology support with nutrients and/or herbs can have positive outcomes in regards to the treatment of various disease processes. This is great!!! However, this is where our clinic viewpoint of disease varies wholeheartedly from this accepted norm. We attempt to follow the principles found in the historic aapplication of Nature Cure. 

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