The Inner Journey Ministries specializes in providing alternative, natural, and holistic solutions to chronic joint problems, to weight loss, to Fibromyalgia and to the effects of aging arthritis, un-diagnosed pain and chronic ailments.

We use a variety of non-invasive resolutions,
Inner Journey Ministries works in union with the body and its natural processes. We have created this area to give you and idea of you need this type of healing.  

What are the symptoms I need to look for that tells me I need a treatment?

Common Symptoms:

1.  Fatigue, low or no energy Question/Comment: Since I had that accident, death, trauma....
     I have never been or felt the same!! 

2.  Feels like I'm missing something, an emptiness, a void in my stomach, heart, solar plexus.

3.  Health issues: minor, chronic, severe physical, mental, emotional problems.

4.  Weight: Overweight or Underweight

5.  Many physical issues are just a wake up sign for you to connect with your Spiritual self.

     Spirit, Mind, Body, and Soul are all interrelated and connected.

6.  Diseases are the bodies way of saying YOU are out of balance, when your imbalance becomes balanced, the disease cures itself.  No more dis-ease in the spirit.

7.  Root causes: thoughts, ideas, beliefs, grudges, anger, emotional blockages, and more will keep you stuck and imbalanced.  Once the root cause is found, the dis-ease (within the spirit)is resolved, and in most cases the disease in the body is healed.

8.  Past life regressions can heal the present or even future dis-eases.

9.  Most cases as the soul heals, the body heals and missing soul parts will return, then the feeling of void seems to once again feel full and radiant.

There is also another symptom,  that some don't recognize, and it is that of a shattered soul, if this fits you, we can also help you heal this.

What is a shattered soul
A shattered soul or spirit is a human that has had a traumatic experience or event in their life that "blew them away" or shattered them.
Compare it to a cyclone fence with a truck running through the fence, it leaves a gap or opening. This is what a traumatic experience does to the person's grid and the prana "life source energy" begins to leak out.
Examples are a severe car accident; loss of a loved one-children, parents, lover, best friend, buddy; death; military war; blows from abuse such as physical, mental, and emotional abuse from people like parents, spouse, bosses, employees, school peers, etc. Most of these experiences are from the present life time, however, occasionally it does come from a past life experience.
What are the symptoms?
Common complaints are, there is no energy, sleep alot and still feel tired in the morning when you wake up; constantly tired or fatigued; loss of desire to live; depression. Even when taking supplements, your energy is still low or non-existent. Always feeling empty, having a void within, Feeling lost and/or displaced, difficulty fitting in, sadness. Feeling grief but don't know why.
How can I heal or repair this shattered soul part?
First, we need to repair your grid temporarily until we find the root cause that created this tear or rip in your grid.
Second, we create a Shanti plan using Reiki, Divine Intervention, Cell Memory Release, Lightweaving, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and other healing modalities needed to find the root cause, release and repair the grid to make you whole again.
We start with six weeks and every third week we evaluate where you are in the healing. Six weeks gives us time to help you release the blockage that caused this problem. Sometimes it may take longer than six weeks, it all depends on you and how willing you are to get to the root cause of the problem and release the pain, anger, etc. that has caused this "blow out" in your grid.
Final, when the root cause is found and released, then we can repair your grid completely with Light Weaving and give you the prana you need to sustain energy in the body.
What happens if I do not repair this grid?
First, you will continue to be tired and fatigued. Doctors may diagnose this as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or other illnesses.
On a long term basis, your body will gradually break down and illnesses will be created such as heart problems (for broken hearts); stomach problems; reproductive problems (child abuse or general abuse); and much more.
Finally, over a longer period of time, the illness will consume you and usually ends in a disability and then death.
God has given everyone a gift, and that Gift is
"Free Choice or Free Will"
**As healers servicing the God Source, we can only help those who choose to help themselves, who choose to be healthy over sickness. Choosing to release and let go of old stuff that no longer serves their Highest Good.
Love, Light, and Healing,
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