Sponsoring Thought-How to Have Your Desires
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Creation starts with a thought and you cannot eliminate what you have created without first changing or eliminating the sponsoring thought, that first thought that created your reality.

It seems to me that a lot of good results from the best of teachings is a hit and miss for most people. The reason some teachings help one and not another is because one has the extra ingredient within himself and another does not.

The teacher may not have noticed this extra ingredient for success because he had it within himself as a natural byproduct of his own upbringing and that is why he did not see that this extra ingredient is the absolute necessity for success.

My attempt here is to go to the root of why and how to get what you want.

If we will observe ourselves, we will soon come to conclusion that what we are experiencing has begun with one of our thoughts. Every-thing starts with a Thought. In the beginning was the thought.

To change what we are experiencing right now, we need to change that initial thought that started the process, the progression, the chain reaction. 

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