Vocal Sound Healing
Sound healing is done with a vocal sound, and is used when there is an energy block.

Sometimes a person carries with them, large blocks of energy,  stemming from something that has been very painful, or a trauma to them, this has built up into a block of energy. This block of energy becomes immovable, or a part of them, creating discomfort.
The way to remove this block of energy is to use the method called Sound Healing, done by using a vocal sound with the " hu's"  a sacred sound direct from God. This will crush or break up the energy block, much like the Opera Singer breaks a glass hitting a certain note.

What is a Energy Block?
Most people may not even know they have this block, but they know that they are hurting in their body. An "Energy Block" can be compared to "Constipation" this causes pain in the body, as does the blocked flow of energy within the body.
When the Healer finds this " block" or that the " flow of energy" has stopped, then sound healing is used by a vocal sound that is given through them by God, or "The God Source".
Sound Healing is very profound, and it's through a vocal sound, that breaks up the block, and allows the flow of energy to begin moving again, allowing the healing.

How does Vocal Sound Healing Work

1. All of life is a vibratory thing.
2. Sound vibrations directly affect physical matter (which is cymatics)
3. Healing sounds create symmetrical patterns in the body's subtle energy field
4. This kind of healing increases receptivity to spiritual light, which will then merge with us

Sound healing is a healing modality that is given during another type of healing.  It is something that is used only as an aide for helping the healee's energy to be flowing smoothly and fully.

The energy of Sound healing is so powerful that a full healing session would be more then one physical body could withstand for an hour.

It is only given as an add on and only scheduled if needed to be included in another healing session.


Some that have received Sound Healing, have said that it is very powerful, resonating through their body.  Others have said that for the first time in a long time they could sleep for days.  Some have said they never thought that they could feel so good!

When I have worked with people giving them, Sound Healing, they have ask me if it is my voice, and how do I get the sound?

This frequency and tone for the healing comes from God, The sound is not from the healer.

The Sound Healer is only the vessel. The one allowing that form of healing energy to flow through them to the healee.
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