REIKI II Certified

Reiki Symbol

Prerequisite Level I

Class Preparation - Traditionally, Reiki II class is not an open class, it is applied for. The student requests to advance from from level one to level two. If the instructor (Reiki Master/Teacher) feels the student is ready for advancement then he will be accepted into the class. To teach 2nd degree to a Reiki initiate who is not ready, simply for the money or prestige, does not serve Reiki, the student, or the teacher. It is highly recommended that there be 3 months pass between the Reiki I initiation and Reiki II initiation, minimally, 21 days.

Are You Ready to Advance to Level II?

Here are a few questions for the Reiki I student to ask herself/himself before moving on to Reiki II.

  • Are you ready for 2nd degree?
  • Can you feel when Reiki is drawing?
  • Do you have a general understanding of Reiki?
  • Do you use Reiki on a regular basis?
  • How often do you conduct self treatments?
  • How important is it for you to learn how to do absentia Reiki?
  • Are you clear about your reasons for wanting to become Reiki II?

Reiki II Class is taught in two separate session, each are approximately three hours. Reiki II may be taught in one day with a lunch break between the two sessions, but is preferable to teach in two consecutive days. Whereas in Reiki I you received four attunements, in Reiki II you will receive two attunements.

First Reiki II Class Session

  • Brief Open Discussion
    Review of Reiki I. Why are you taking this class? What are your expectations? Do you have any questions about 1st degree Reiki?
  • Introduction to the Reiki II symbols.
    Taught names and pronunciations of the Reiki Symbols. 
    Taught meanings (intentions) of each symbol.
  • Receive second attunement.
  • Drawing the Symbols 
  • Reiki symbols to learn. It is important to learn how to draw them precisely, learn the power of the symbols, and learn the proper pronunciation and spelling of them. 
  • 2nd level of Chakra's is covered


This class is available by email, Please accept the Syllabus information but know through email it is not with a class sitting.  Rev Caerlion will work with you online in various lessons to assure you of your instruction is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved