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Light Body

What is Lite Weaving?

Lite Weaving
is a healing modality that heals us in a totality. Lite Weaving is the tool that repairs our Grid. As we walk through life we encounter many things that can traumatize us and cause us to have injury to our grid. Each of us have a grid that carries all the information about who we are, where we come from, why we are here, and what our purpose is for coming here. There is more information that our grid is carried within it but we will talk only about these things right.  We are energy, and when we are in proper working order, we radiate  "Bright Wild Colors "

Why do we need the repair?

Energy Flow- When all things are connected energy flows, Everything flows. we need to make sure that we are totally connected with All that Is, in order to feel the "oneness". When we can't feel the oneness we become "Dis-Eased" or ill, Trauma or extreme trauma, upsets, everything will become harder to feel, or understand, and then we are vulnerable to having things cause us to "short circuit" that creates a blow out, or a disconnection and we become unhappy. or Ill at ease. in plain terms, having illness's, disease's and feeling poorly in mind body and soul.

Damage to the grid causes a loss of connection to the lines in the grid causing a shorting out of things. Result is illness in the body, tiredness, weakness, emotional issues and damage, loss of clarity in the mind. Many times, undiagnosed issues, or nothing found wrong with the individual; Yet the experience of dis-ease, or discomfort is very real.

Once all issues are released, and the
Lite Weaving is complete, there is a complete connection. Energy flows uninterrupted, The individual experiences wholeness, and relief, also wellness. Pain, tiredness, loss of energy and the muddled mind are all gone. There is a total complete connection with everything. This energy continues to move into all that are around the you and your environment, and continues promoting health for weeks to come in ALL areas of your life.

The Light that flows when connection is made, is phenomenally bright and blinding.

How do  I know if I need Lite Weave-Grid Repair?

  • Do you find yourself tired all the time?
  • Do you feel that you have been changed by an experience?
  • Do you feel your life hasn't any purpose?
  • Are you sick and the Doctors can't find out the reason?
  • If you said yes to any one or more of these questions then you are an candidate for  Lite Weaving is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved