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 IJM School of Healing and Enlightenment

In this section of our website we are offering different classes,  some will be certified, others will be for your own enjoyment or hobby.  We hope you find the classes we offer to be enjoyable and valuable information.

Rev. Caerlion, is a healer, teacher and counselor .  She has been teaching healing techniques and spiritual development for almost 20 years.  She is a well known around the world with students in many countries. 

Rev. Caerlion brings to her classes a sense of humor and humility making them interesting and real. 

As a counselor she helps many overcome issues that are deeply rooted, as well as grief.  Many have found great peace and healing working with her.

Educational and Training background:

  • Doctorate in Healing
  • Certified Grand Reiki Master Level-22 
  • Aroma Therapist
  • Cell Memory Release Practitioner 
  • Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Certified Sound Healer 
  • Certified Master Light Weaving
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Ordained Minister-Inner Journey Ministries
  • Life Adviser
  • Medium
  • Animal Communicator,
  • Channeled Reader 35 yrs
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Certified Classes
Rev. Caerlion will be able to take your payment for classes by phone, or through FB Messenger You may book your class at this link 

and I will set up the time to begin your class with you according to what will complement your schedule.

Reik: Pronounced "Ray Key", this has levels 1-22

Reiki is often translated to mean "Universal Life Source Of  Energy", but can also mean enlightenment or the coming of together of the Universal Spirit of Creation with our own.

Level I is about healing yourself.

Level II is about healing others

Level III is the master level, and also carries with it the ability to teach others.

4-18 you must be a Reiki Master to attain these levels.

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Chakra 1-3

Chakras are energy vortexes that exist within the subtle body. The chakras represent different aspects of our experience as human beings. By working with the energies of the chakras, it is possible to balance and clear away the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from being healed whole beings in alignment with our highest nature. Through working with the chakras we gain self knowledge directly through the vehicles of sensation, visualization and listening. We will be working with breath, color, energy, and sound. These chakra teachings will give you experiences and tools to understand and heal yourself more fully. I encourage participants to wear white or bright colors.

I will teach 2 different levels of the Chakra's

Beginner, Advanced II
Sponsoring Thought

Creation starts with a thought and you cannot eliminate what you have created without first changing or eliminating the sponsoring thought, that first thought that created your reality.

Most of us are unconscious, 80% of what we do, think and say. We're not aware of our defenses, our emotional reactions, our beliefs and habits. Of our fears, negative self-talk and judgments. We don't know how to think, create, love and enjoy the bounty of our world.  "This course will teach you how to get to your root thought and create those things you wish to have in your life and turn you life around. is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved