Healing Traumatic Loss

A sudden and tragic loss shatters our sense of order and thrusts us into a world forever changed.  Survivors of sudden loss experience a greater sense of vulnerability and heightened anxiety.  The safe world we once knew no longer exists.

Trying to make sense of and to understand a sudden loss can be overwhelming.  When someone you love dies suddenly, unexpectedly or violently, the event of death can leave you feeling alone, bewildered and overcome with floods of grief.  There was no time to say good-bye.  There was no last time to say, “I will always love you.”

You may be searching for a therapist to help you develop a greater ability to understand and control your emotions, or you may simply want to find peace of mind.

I provide grief therapy for couples, individuals, families and workplaces.  I have worked with a variety of clients to help them move beyond their grief, and unlock their potential to design a new life.  I often witness clients’ positive growth and newly acquired abilities to navigate:

  • Heightened anxiety following the sudden death
  • Strained relationships with family members or co-workers
  • Worry, or trouble with, caring for yourself
  • Uneasy interactions with colleagues
  • Self-sabotaging behavior patterns that interfere with work and life is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved