Etheric Body

What is Etheric Web-working?

This is a complex of stages and levels working within the etheric webbing of the body.  Etheric means on the spiritual level.  The etheric field around the body, keeps things from past, and present issues within the webbing of the body; includes old issues lingering within the webbing.  This includes" things" you may have picked up in the ether's or in other dimensions when you are out and about at night.

 When you begin having a pain in your body, and you don’t know why, and x-rays don’t show anything you may have picked something up while out and about or something you  have been carrying with you for a long time has decided it’s time you deal with it or remove it.

Removing these items includes, balancing the etheric body; and the spiritual webbing, the etheric bodies, dimensions, soul paths, removal of grid locks or vow locks, and much more.

Your spiritual teachers and Master healers lead you to see and remove things in your spiritual or etheric webbing that does not serve you now.  After several healing sessions, you will see and feel the difference.  You will feel lighter, and blocks will be moved so you will gain access to your spiritual gifts.

Etheric Web-working is a form of advanced spiritual energetic psychic healing, working in the subtle  body fields around the physical body. is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved