Divine Intervention

What is Divine Intervention?

Divine Intervention is an advanced energetic hands-on healing technology handed down through generations of curenderos from the ancient Mayan Aztec lineage. It can be referred to as the loudest most specific prayer that calls the forces of nature and Heaven hand in hand. As the Divine Source intervenes in a situation through trained healer, the laws of larger physics come into play, by utilizing a specific dimension and hertz frequency. This enables the Divine Source to come through and alow the physical and spiritual to take action in the same instant to create a miracle. The possibility that the body may return to its natural state of wholeness jumps astronomically. This technology is very beneficial for all issues that require healing. It is the miraculous release of dis-ease.

Divine Intervention is a healing process based on a new perspective of the human experience and illness. Today people look beyond the "Traditional" ways to heal their bodies. They are looking beyond the lab tests, and x-rays, beyond the symptom diagnosis, and drugs.  They seek to find a more humane way to "Feel Better, Be Healthy, Get Better".  "No longer is it enough to beat an illness or remove a symptom".
People are looking beyond... they are looking to "HEAL".*

"During Divine Intervention, the healer creates a singularity by demanding energy meet in a pre-specified pattern to create a space where physical plane laws cease to exist (a concept familiar to quantum physicists). It is a place where gravity and centrifugal force are stopped and where the electric and magnetic energies are split. During this split, all atoms are at variance allowing space to move through space and atoms through atoms. In the DI process, when the healer splits the electric and magnetic energy holding the system together, he or she creates the opportunity for everything unlike the system to move through it. The "DI" philosophy proposes that in the divine blueprint of all organisms, cancerous growths are not part of the natural order of the system. Therefore, all things not part of the original blueprint move out during a DI session."

Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission (DISR) Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention may be referred to as a prayer that can call the forces of nature and heaven together hand in hand. As the God source intervenes in a situation, through minister or practitioner, the laws of a larger physics come into play, and dis-eases either fall out of the body or according to "Quantum Physics" it disappear.s  Dis-eases cannot live or stay in the energy of God's pure love energy.

Spontaneous Remission is an ancient Healing modality dating back 1,000 years to the Mayan civilization.  This means in our current civilization that the disease completely goes away and disappears.

From a Spiritual  view point,  it allows God's "Love Energy" to come into the body and the body is healed causing the disease or chronic illness's to leave. Divine Intervention is the most sacred prayer given that can be imagined.

From an energetic point, it is the manipulation of energy throughout all levels of the body by emanating precise frequencies and dimensions and holding exact energy grids while calling in The God Source to intervene on behalf of the client.  The Client must be willing to release, forgive and let go of the issue's that created the Dis-Ease. Once that is completed, it results in the physical manifestation or spontaneous remission of that which is devitalizing and foreign to the body's natural state. Disease is moved from within the body to outside of the body,  through dimensions or it ceases to exist all together.

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