What Is Cellular Memory Release?

Cellular Memory Release - CMR - is a powerful healing technique which releases suppressed memories which were locked into the cells during experiences of fear or anger as a newborn or in childhood.

The Mind Meditation reveals to you your subconscious negative thoughts and feelings about these experiences. The Breath Meditation allows the emotional energy to flow and dissolves the negative thought patterns.

CMR sessions take approximately 21/2 to 3 hours. The first hour is a sharing - consultation. The facilitator shares the techniques with you. The content of the consultation is a powerful stimulant due to the unique techniques used. The breathing Meditation follows immediately to resolve stimulated emotional memories.

Conscious use of your breath and mind creates an expanded state of peace and harmony.

A Great Way To Improve Your Life

The Benefits are dramatic. You can overcome negative emotions and destructive thoughts; the cause of tension, misery, pain and disease. Anxiety, insecurities and pessimism are replaced by self-love, inner peace, greater creativity and control over your life.

You will feel more energy immediately. Health and relationships improve. Best of all you will find it easier to express love to yourself and others.

Why it's great to do CMR

Our bodies are made of concentrated Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The blueprint for this physical form is held within the Energy body or Aura (Life Force body),

The energy body is a bridge between the physical body and the Great Infinite Energy that pervades all space. This energy body is the real you, containing your thoughts and emotions. Your physical body is nurtured and kept healthy by the energy body. Our energy body builds our body in the womb. Our developing bodies are impacted upon by the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of those around us in the womb, at birth and in early childhood.

Creation of Emotional Tension

During this time we are a wide open sensory and emotional window without the defense mechanisms developed later. If we are overwhelmed, hurt or abandoned, our only defense mechanism is to remove our consciousness (space out) to lessen the "pain". The events that are causing us pain are still
going on but we have taken our consciousness away driving the thoughts and feelings deeply into our cells to avoid the emotional stress

When we feel safe again our consciousness returns
E.g. if we are taken away from our mother at birth we unconsciously store thoughts and feelings of abandoment in our cells.
The problem with removing our consciousness from our physical bodies as a defense against "pain" is the emotions generated are stored in the
cells in the form of tension and when our consciousness returns to our physical body it cannot re-enter the cells where we have stored the tension... Other painful events add to the original tension, eventually becoming physical, emotional and mental problems.

Seeking Wholeness

Our innate desire for Wholeness and to feel connected drives us to recreate similar circumstances later in life in order to release this emotionally based physical tension.

The emotions are stored in the cell because anxiety states are always accompanied by an interrupted breathing pattern. Full-connected breathing integrates emotionally charged events. CMR could be called integrated breathing because it causes re-entry of consciousness to the effected cells and integrates the original event. This happens because our Intuitive Self draws Pranic Healing Energy via the connected breath to the tension filled cells. The Pranic Breath knows exactly where to go and what to do.

The CMR Breathing Meditation is beyond the rational mind and a true form of healing. CMR Mind Meditations assist the rational mind to catch up. is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved