What are these holes in the aura?

Our physical body has an etheric double, which permeates and extends 1-2 cm beyond the physical body. The etheric double is the template for the physical body: it has all the organs of the physical body in the energy form, it also has meridians (subtle energy channels) and chakras (energy centres).

Life energy flows through the etheric double. This life energy is a sort of subtle electrical current that animates the physical body and carries out the physiological processes. The etheric double is primary to its physical counterpart. This means that the defects and disorders in the etheric double manifest themselves as defects and disorders in the physical body - immediately or with a delay. 

The etheric double has an aura that is called the etheric aura, and it consists of several layers. This luminous energy field has many functions, one of them is the protective function – it protects a person from the harmful energies and beings that exist in the non-physical reality.

The etheric body acts as a bridge between the dense physical body and the astral (or emotional) body; hence, the state of the etheric body (and its aura) influences the physical and psychological states of the person. For example, if the etheric body is grossly contaminated, the person will feel unwell and mentally unclear.

The converse is also true: every thought, emotion, word and action instantly influence the state of the person’s etheric body (its subtle organs, chakras and meridians).

Ideally, the etheric body must be clean and of high vibration so as to allow a free flow of life energy through it; the aura should be smooth, dense and strong. However, this picture is quite rare – the aura of ordinary people is far from being clean and smooth.

It’s a common occurrence that the aura of an ordinary person is uneven, has depleted or congested areas, cracks or holes, and energy cords attached to it.

For example, prolonged exposure to radiation of a computer monitor can breach the aura at the head, chest and the solar plexus level, i.e. at the level of its position in relation to the human body.

Breaks in the aura can be of different sizes – from pinholes to the big gaping 'wounds'. They open the field of the person to the negative influence of the environment.

The causes of thinning, cracks or holes in the aura are briefly listed below:

  • strong emotions (anger, fear, etc.);
  • a psychological trauma;
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • anesthesia;
  • some pharmacological agents;
  • so-called "soul fragments" missing;
  • a blow to the physical body;
  • environmental toxins;
  • electromagnetic fields;
  • an unintentional psychic attack from people (negative thoughts, criticism, household curses);
  • intentional (or black magic) attacks;
  • channeling;
  • "hit and run" attacks by non-material entities;
  • others.

What is the danger of having the holes in the aura?

When the integrity of the aura is compromised, the person will experience draining of energy. This can manifest as a sudden energy loss, a sharp change of mood, headache (often migraine), acute pain, nausea, sudden illness (e.g., infection), etc.

The aura will normally recover its integrity in several days through a natural process of self-healing. During this period, the person may feel unwell and they may intuitively seek alternate sources of replenishment of vital energy. Since most of the people do not know how to replenish their reserves of vitality through natural means (that is by absorbing prana from the environment), they replace the energy by ‘eating something’ or by vampiring energy from other people.

Thinning of the aura also causes repeated physical injuries in the corresponding parts of the physical body.

Unhealed holes in the aura often lead to serious consequences. For example, the chronic fatigue syndrome most likely is due to the presence of long-lasting holes in the aura.

Moreover, the presence of holes in the aura greatly increases the risk of attachment of negative entities.

An attached entity not only steals a person's energy but it introduces into the person’s energy field its own markers, negative programs and its own emotional state (fear, depression, anger, lust, cravings, desires, etc.) that may have a strong psychological impact on the person.

Since most people do not question the source of negative thoughts and emotions that appear inside their heads and automatically accept them as ‘mine’, they eventually succumb to the control of an entity who thus manages to embed deeper and stronger into the host's subtle body.

Negative entities may also contribute to the development of a disease.

For positive long-term results, it is important to remove negative energies and negative entities from the human energy field before we repair the holes in the aura. is ​Copyright © All Rights Reserved