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Light Weaving


Damage to the grid causes a loss of connection to the lines in the grid causing a shorting out of things. Result is illness in the body, tiredness, weakness, emotional issues and damage, loss of clarity in the mind. Many times, un-diagnosed issues, or nothing found wrong with the individual; Yet the experience of dis-ease, or discomfort is very real.

Once all issues are released, and the
Lite Weaving is complete, there is a complete connection. Energy flows uninterrupted, The individual experiences wholeness, and relief, also wellness. Pain, tiredness, loss of energy and the muddled mind are all gone. There is a total complete connection with everything. This energy continues to move into all that are around the you and your environment, and continues promoting health for weeks to come in ALL areas of your life.

The Light that flows when connection is made, is phenomenally bright and blinding.

Light Weaving is usually done after some healing work is completed.  However if you feel the symptoms fit, please call Caerlion to book your appointment.

Metaphysician Cadeucus



The art of using the third eye, and intuition in scanning your body/spirit for things you need to clear up or have treated.

Why do Metaphysicians work with non-physical things?

  • It is because the meta- or more fundamental level of the physical is itself non-physical (sub- and supra- physical), that Metaphysician's can and do effect healing and change in the physical by working with what is non -physical.
What exactly is a ‘Metaphysician?

The short answer: A Metaphysician is a doctor/healer who makes changes in the physical world through meta-physical (i.e. decidedly not ‘physical’) principles. As a Metaphysician, I work the principles of mind (and beyond) to create powerful and lasting change in peoples’ lives. The result of metaphysical work, or working with metaphysical principles, often give results that impact not only the spirit but the body as well.

When scanning the "body" I will also find in the "spirit" When the spirit is in Dis Ease. the body becomes diseased.


Traditional Herbalism

There are hundreds of reasons to choose herbal medicine, but Herbalism remains largely misunderstood by the mainstream medical community (and many consumers).  Herbalism isn't about rejecting science, self-experimentation, or expecting nebulous "plant spirits" to cure terminal illnesses. 

It's about embracing the rock-solid union that occurs when ancient wisdom and modern science meet.  Herbal medicine is a safe, sustainable, spiritually balanced, evidence-based alternative to the alienating form of medicine that pervades the modern era.

Here is the link to our Herb Store


$95.00 per hour

 Benefits of reflexology

  • Relaxation
  • Pain reduction
  • Amelioration of symptoms for health/ concerns/ Rejuvenation of tired feet
  • Improvement in blood flow
  • Impact on physiological measures (e. g. blood pressure and cholesterol; measurements by ECG, EEG, and fMRI)
  • Beneficial for post-operative recovery and pain reduction
  • Enhancement of medical care (e. g. cancer, phantom limb pain, and hemodialysis
  • patients)
  • Adjunct to mental health care (e. g. depression, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Complement to cancer care (pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety)
  • Easier birthing / delivery / post-partum recovery
  • Nerves, Sciatica
Reflexologists Do Not: Diagnose conditions;
*Prescribe substances; Treat for specific conditions;
Use of tools and/or machines (unless qualified).

Please contact Deirdre to Book your appointment for your session.  Thank you.

Mikao Usui (Reiki)


$85.00 (Charged per hour)

What Reasons would I want to get Reiki?

  • Reiki brings the body into harmony by relieving physical and emotional blockages
  • Reiki Heals the cause and eliminates the effects of an imbalance
  • Reiki helps minimize your sense of helplessness when facing disease or the trauma of modern society.
  • Reiki can be used in conjunction with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict
  • Reiki helps lower the increasing cost of conventional medical costs, easing the strain on your budget
  • Reiki is completely impersonal. In other words you can't make a mistake.

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