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Welcome to  Inner Journey Ministries 

The Inner Journey is a health management plan and it is all about your health.

We offer alternative healing services and herbal medicinal remedies to help you on your path and your inner journey to spiritual and physical wellness.

When the Spirit is unbalanced or in a chaos state then the body gradually creates a dis-ease.

The dis-ease is your warning sign that something isn't right within your Spirit.

 Inner Journey Ministries, has been in service since 1997.We are certified in our fields and have helped many people over the years.  We offer alternative medicine through herbs if you wish to get off traditional medicine, however we will in no way suggest or encourage you to do so without your Dr. consent.

We also offer an area where you can look for symptoms you may have so you can decide of you fall into any of the area's of healing we offer.
We also offer an area where you can contact us with any questions you might have.
Our company is located in Roswell NM. 

We offer therapies by phone or in person.  Not all therapies can be administered by phone ?

If you are looking for a place to learn these techniques we offer, we also offer them in our IJM School of Healing , We list the courses we teach, and always look for other teachers to join our staff.

Thank you, Caerlion & Deirdre Arthur

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